Option Trading Course Learn From Basics to Advance

√ In today’s world, we all want quick gains and options trading is very popular for it, but it’s also very risky if we don’t follow the discipline.
√ All we need is to manage this tool properly to earn a decent amount consistently. The stock market is a serious business done by professionals with experience, so for us to trade and succeed in front of then we need proper learning and understanding of the stock market, without which it is difficult to sustain.
√ As per me, the key to becoming successful in the Stock market is not to lose big & keep adding small profit consistently and this is possible with the help of Options Strategies.

I have created an online video course on Options Trading, In this course, you will learn everything about options right from basics to Advanced level Strategy creation with the help of Option Greeks & understanding of option pricing.

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Key Topics Covered in the course.
√ Option Basics
√ Option Pricing
√ Time & Intrinsic Value
√ Option Greeks
√ Open Interest
√ Implied Volatility [IV]
√ Option Chain Analysis
√ 24 Options Strategies with payoff analysis
√ Black & Scholes Model

After completing this course you will have a complete understanding of option trading and you will start trading like professionals avoiding all mistakes which you would be doing now.

Course Benefits
√ Lifetime access to course videos
√ Videos can be watched on a mobile app
√ The course can be repeated as many times you want
√ In case of queries, questions can be asked to Instructor on the both mobile & web platform.

Watch below demo video to understand course contents..