Intraday, Swing Trading & Scalping Course


Stock Market trading is becoming very popular these days mainly Intraday trading, the main reason behind it is it’s having huge earning potential and it also can be done along with your current job or business. Many of us want to develop this second source of income. But if we check the reality the success rate of earning in the stock market is very low. Most of the newcomers lose their money. There are many reasons for it.

Though there are so many tools easily available for technical analysis, stock scanners, high speed, and user-friendly trading platforms, etc. Still, people are not getting success. And It’s not only because of lack of knowledge but mainly because of not having proper method and discipline. Knowledge is available on the internet today. But the main difficulty is it is in the scattered form.

In this course, we have not only compiled the knowledge and presented in proper sequence and steps by highlighting the crisp insight of it but also explained the method to use this knowledge with discipline.

In Stock Market, there are various types or ways of doing trading, but the most popular trading type is Intraday trading i.e. Day Trading followed by swing trading. So in this course, we will discuss both Intraday & swing trading methods. Along with that course gives an introduction to the scalping trading method and explains how to use the intraday method only for scalping also.

Course Content

  • What is Intraday Trading
  • What is Swing Trading
  • Price Action Trading
  • Supply Demand Zones
  • Reading Breakouts
  • Setup for Intraday & Swing Trading
  • Momentum Trading
  • Stock Selection
  • Scanners & Analysis Tools
  • Introduction to Scalping

Course is available in English & Hindi language, Enroll for any one.

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Watch below video for Course Introduction.

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