Intraday Quick Movement Scanner

The success of Intraday trade depends on the right time entry in the trade. Daily many stocks show a big movement like 5%, 10%, or sometimes 20% too. Such moves happen very quickly and we get to know at the end of the day.
To encash these moves we must have a scanner that will notify us when such a move starts and then by analyzing the chart we can take an early decision to enter the trade.

To solve this problem I have created a simple scanner on using which we can identify stocks where the sudden movement has started and then by analyzing the chart we can take a decision to enter the trade. The separate scanner is created for Bullish and Bearish movement.

Steps to use the scanner

  • Click on the above button, New Window will open.
  • Login to with your login credentials.
  • Save & Run scanners.
  • Do the same procedure for the bearish scanner.
  • keep scanner open during market hours and click run scanner every 5-15min to find moving stocks.
  • One can set chartink alerts for ease in catching movement.